Driving Trail of Souther Ohio

Appalachian Discovery Birding & Heritage Trail



Bird Watching in Ohio...birding in Ohio. . Southern Ohio is home to a rich assortment of habitats from lush forests to thriving meadows and boggy wetlands to open waterways. It is no surprise, then, that birding in this region can be a rewarding experience with all the diverse species of birds to be found. Visitors to the region have caught glimpses of the Bald Eagle, Osprey and the uncommon Cerulean Warbler. On occasion, you might see a Yellow-crowned Night-Heron or Horned Lark.

If you like to hike, Clermont County's East Fork State Park offers as much as 85 miles of trails. If you are looking for aquatic birds, the Birding and Heritage Trail follows the Ohio River for part of its 200 miles. Regardless, along the Birding and Heritage Trail you are bound to find more of a few species to add to your life list of birds.

For more information on birds you may find at each birding site, click the blue birds below.

For more information on the birding area, click the red circles below.


Birding Area 1- Woodland Mound Area

Birding Area 2 - Meldahl Dam Area

Birding Area 3 - Higgensport/Ripley Area

Birding Area 4 - Ohio River/Buzzard Roost

Birding Area 5 - Shawnee State Park Area

Birding Area 6 - Adams Lake Area

Birding Area 7 - Tranquility Area

Birding Area 8 - East Fork State Park Area


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